Despacho Alarcón-Fontanilla has led a  Financial Liability Claim against the Vasc Administration, due to a legal modification of the norms of Urkiola Natural Park, which abolished the possibility of  a mining activity   in fields  located inside the Natural Park owned by a Company

This claim has been settled by a Court final judgement, which grants the Company the right to be compensated by the sued Administration for the patrimonial damage caused,  condemning the latter to pay 9,237,153.09 euros.

Mining  legal rights may generate compensation rights in favour of their holders, if as a consequence of an expropriation proceeding, an infrastructure execution or any town-planning and/or environmental rules modification, the resource exploitation becomes suppressed or reduced.

In order to get an adequate compensation in each case, it’s essential to analyze individually any mining right affected and its assessment, and to choose the proper legal way to claim for its deprivation.

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