The Alarcón-Fontanilla Law Firm was founded in 1989 with a clear vocation of legal advice, to companies and individuals, in activities connected to natural resources and renewable energies, although such dedication has not been, nor it is, an obstacle to assist legally in other areas of activity.

The extensive experience and professional trajectory of the firm has allowed the Alarcón-Fontanilla Law Firm to be consolidated as one of the Firms of reference in the national panorama of the mining and hydrocarbons sector.

The Firm has a network of companies, associated professionals and collaborating technical cabinets that allow to guarantee a complete coverage of the complementary needs to the legal ones of those who decide to hire our professional services.

The commitment of the Alarcón-Fontanilla Firm is to offer individuals and companies comprehensive advice in the different areas of business and in the search for solutions that involve the optimization of their interests, in a multidisciplinary environment that combines extensive experience and efficiency with the closeness and personalized treatment.

Aware of the importance of the commitment acquired, the Alarcón-Fontanilla Office seeks to guarantee always the most complete and adequate preparation of all its members, in an context of continuous training and updating, as well as the use of new technologies within a framework of competitive work.

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