Comercial Law

  • Companies formation, dissolution and liquidation.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Attendance at Shareholder Meetings and Boards of Directors.
  • Creditors Meeting or Bankruptcy Proceedings

Administrative Law

  • Public Authorizations, Permits and Concessions processing.
  • Expropriation or Compulsory Purchase proceedings.
  • Public Liability and Responsibility.
  • Regulated areas: electricity, gas and hydrocarbons.
  • Mines, Coasts, Waters and Forests.


  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts related to wind and solar farms, easement rights, extraction, waste and materials processing factories, transportation and sale of the benefit.
  • Public Permits and Concessions processing, in the fields of Hydrocarbons, conventional and alternative Electricity, Mining and Extracting Industry.

Environment And Town Planning

  • Legal advising to Public Administrations, Corporations and individuals, on the drafting of legal projects, local regulations and development instruments of local town planning.
  • Audit and Environmental Impact Assessment, tracking down the main impacts and risks. Administrative proceedings consultancy for the granting of Licences and Authorizations, as well as their challenge or claim.
  • Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (I.P.P.C.) – Directive 2008/1/EC
  • Waste materials, cans and packs, and Integrated Management Systems (I.S.O. 14.001-une).
  • Atmospheric, ground and waters Pollution and dumps.
  • Legal audit and assessment on minimization and mitigation of risks and liabilities arising from environmental contingencies.

Civil Law

  • Contractual or Tort Liability.
  • Probate and Inheritance Law: heir declaration, testamentary, partition of a succession statements, etc..
  • Renting and real-estate transactions (buying and selling, lease hold, rights of building, mortgage and other "ius in rem”).
  • Cadastre and Land Registry real estate regularization: domain proceedings, notoriety minutes, delimitation and demarcation, among others.
  • Real Estate Warranties negotiation and constitution.
  • Contracts advice on negotiation, drafting and termination.
  • Renting, condominium and Horizontal Property.
  • Arbitration and Consumer Processes.

Court Proceeding

  • Administrative, Mercantile, Commercial and Civil.
  • Arbitration.
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